Hello everyone!

My name is Patrick, aka “THE GOD DAMN DM”, and I’ve created this blog to share my views on tabletop gaming.


(Source:  Wizards of the Coast – D&D 5th Edition Players Handbook)

I began my gaming career in college when I was introduced to the 3.5 editon of Dungeons & Dragons.  Thanks to some great friends and a unforgiving DM (Dungeon Master), my love for gaming was kindled and the fires were lit.

Since the days of playing games with pen and paper in my buddy’s living room, I have evolved into… well… hosting games with pen and paper in MY living room.  More of a lateral step, but I stepped up years ago to take the reigns of my own campaigns and have loved every moment of it since.

I feel that tabletop gaming fulfills my creative side and desire to be a writer by letting me spin tales of heroics and shenanigans on the fly for my wonderful players.  It’s been a childhood dream, and something I keep chiseling away at each day in between the real world jobs we all have to do.

In the future, you can look forward to:

  • Articles regarding game concepts, mechanics, and inspiration.
  • A podcast with nerdy content and a Q&A segment you can participate in.
  • Custom material to use in your own campaigns.

I hope you follow me on this journey as I hone my skills and work on helping others fine tune theirs as well.  If you enjoy what I post feel free to share it with friends, family, players, co-workers, strangers on the bus… anyone willing to listen!

Thanks for reading, and keep on rolling!

…I need to work on a better sign off…

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